In an ongoing process started in early 2020 a group of African entrepreneurs, changemakers, policymakers and others started coming together to identify a challenge that can be solved and scaled with technology in order to have a massive positive impact in Africa.


The solutionspace we want to address is the Last mile to consumers of agricultural produce across Africa.

This is based on the hypothesis:

  1. Because there is increasing demand for quality, nutritious food from local producers many regional startups and initiatives are developing lo-fi solutions based on existing networks like WhatsApp.

  2. Demand will pull farmers to serve the requested food quality.

  3. Demand will accelerate transparency, food security and availability of food.

  4. Demand will enable investments on the farm and processing side.


We are looking for all organisations, startups, companies who are addressing the field of demand aggregation across Africa.
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Our intention is to use the process and the learnings from this initial initiative towards other regions of the world and other fields of action.

The ultimate goal and motivation is to contribute towards making the planet a good place - and we believe that employing technology plays a vital role in scaling this effort quickly and efficiently.

To this end we want to engage with people all across the planet to start action and stop talking.



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