The Ecosystem Orchestrator

What is an ecosystem orchestrator?

We bring together communities and selected startups to solve a communities’ challenge and unleash the power of sustainable development systemically. We will accelerate the development of the communities and the startups to materialise measurable impact at scale.

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The Challenge

The key challenge of sustainable entrepreneurship in developing countries’ communities is the lack of a working economic environment. Rarely startups find the supply chains, resources and technologies needed to succeed in a given community. Therefore it is crucial not to support single projects. Rather we need to shape the working environments of thriving sustainable communities.

The Solution

Therefore, our solution is to create an accelerator not only for single startups but rather for clusters of startups that interlink and form a working economic ecosystem. In a first step, we identify leverage points in a community that can act as a flywheel for a sustainable environment. In a second step, we identify startups, which can address this leverage point. In an accelerator program, we join up these startups to create a sustainable economic environment, thus forming a blooming community.

Participation and Research

Hands-on!: During a participatory process with more than 50 African entrepreneurs and experts, we identified the post-harvest value chain as a leverage point for sustainable farming in African communities. In our database, we identified 324 startups from all over Africa solving problems in the post-harvest value chain. This gives us a unique perspective on the foundation for scalable impact.

The Ecosystem Accelerator

We see the proven model of an accelerator program as the solution to communities' structural challenges. Our program is unique because we accelerate in two dimensions:
#1 the economic viability, scalability, and fundability of the selected startups, and
#2 applying the startups' solution in the community. This is what we call the "ecosystem accelerator".

With our African partners' support in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana, we are now scouting for the first community to apply this new ecosystem accelerator. The community will fulfil specific criteria, e.g., viability (stage of development, technical feasibility, size), to run the program with manageable complexity and uncertainty. The objective is to serve as proof of concept to scale by replicating other communities, nations and even continents.

Our Business Model

Our business model addresses three different stakeholders groups: philanthropists and governmental financed development aid and impact investors. As we accelerate the community’s development towards self-reliance, we work with the best of breed startups to implement scalable solutions in the community. Therefore, we will invest philanthropic capital and grants into the accelerator’s operations and invest in selected startups in the seed stage. We plan to close revenue share deals for joint business development activities via the Motherland Platform with later-stage companies. The profit generated here will be funnelled back into new programs by Motherland.

Let's get this started!

We wish to win you as a partner, funder and supporter! We are looking forward to your ideas, introductions to support Motherland.

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The Founders

Thomas and Sebastian are two impact entrepreneurs with 20+ years of experience in building software for-profit and non-profit businesses and building startup ecosystems and accelerators in Berlin (Deutsche Telekom, RWE), Colombo, and Addis Ababa, together with GIZ.

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